A precious memory

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in 영어로 글쓰기, 일상 | No Comments

My hard disk sometimes leaves me speechless with an abrupt photo that survived several years. A town hall meeting, as usual, at he beginning of the semester, friends and teachers looking around to greet some familiar and some unfamiliar faces, routine yet always new self-introductions, bursts of laughter, sunshine from the window, curious minds and not-so-curious ‘residents’… The moment is neither unique nor perfect; it is just too beautiful to hold silent in my heart, though. My heart trembles, sinks, soars, and then falls back on the reality like a tripod that has lost one of its legs. For me, however, knowing this moment will never find its place on earth again is a blessing rather than a disappointment. There is nothing that can change the fact that I was among them and they became part of me. Now I will take some time looking closely at each of the faces: I will look at my past self, in other words.

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