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I have not been diligent enough to declare “I’m fully ready for the new semester,” but I am aware that I am okay enough to survive it. I also know that this throbbing beginning-of-semester anxiety will instantly evaporate at the busy hum of students down the corridor. I will smile at them and most of them will smile back at me, at least until ‘all-important,’ ‘life-determining’ test scores are given to them. I may sometimes feel dizzy after a three-hour long, nonstop lecture, yet will heartily welcome a few more questions from passionate, curious minds. I am ready to learn with and from my students, discuss with future teachers what Parker Palmer meant when he said, “we teach who we are,” and, most importantly, how to collaborate to create our life stories that do not exclude, discriminate, dismiss, deceive, essentialize, and trivialize. All the way I will try not to forget Freire’s words about the importance of dialogue and faith.

“Dialogue is the only way, not only in the valid questions of the political order, but in all the expressions of our being. Only by virtue of faith, however, does dialogue have power and meaning: by faith in man and his possibilities, by the faith that I can only become truly myself when other men also become themselves.”

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