Waiting for a head-on collision with the light

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 in 단상, 삶을위한영어공부, 영어 | No Comments

Reflection should be upon the relationship between the person and the world, rather than upon the self. As a reflective practitioner, I am well aware of this.

Nevertheless I have long defined confidence as a fundamentally individual concept, at least in relation to myself. Whenever I asked myself whether I would be able to do something or take a position, I turned to myself, digging a tortuous maze deep into the mind, rather than acting upon the world while closely observing the interplay and cacophony between me and the situation. I always stepped back thus lost the battle: confidence seemed to be forever beyond my reach.

I need to change in this regard, and I think I can. I don’t mean I will be confident in everything. But I will be less afraid to collide head-on against the unknown, which may turn out to be a glorious light.

The courage not to compare with others, a persistent defiance against the zeitgeist of competition and superiority — These are the sure road to confidence, I believe.

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