The emergence of the all-knowing AI and our responsibilities

Posted by on Mar 12, 2016 in 과학, 단상, 영어로 글쓰기 | No Comments

We are about to greet an unheard system, one with an infinite amount of knowledge of human phylogensis and sociocultural history, that constantly updates itself through registering each moment over the entire ontogenesis of an individual. I don’t know whether this unprecedented machine which knows us inside out, outside in, and across time and space will be our best friend or worst enemy. What I earnestly hope, at least for now, though, is that we learn from history, attending to the fact industrialization and technological advancement have favored just a few, marginalizing a majority of human race. I believe that this responsibility is disproportionately on the shoulders of those who are at the forefront of developing AI systems and chartering the scope of AI research and applications.

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