Zootopia – Ideas for class

<Zootopia> is the best Disney animation ever, at least for me. I am going to use this as a cultural text in my SCT(sociocultural theory) and L2 Education course this semester. Some random keywords are thrown below.

1. Inside Out: Developmental psychology & growing = Zootopia: Crosscultural communication & belonging – Regarding the interwoven nature of growing and belonging, the course will discus some tenets of discursive psychology.

2. Cultural stereotypes, essentialist thinking, and the politics of difference – What concepts and metaphors do we employ in understanding, judging, and categorizing others? Where do they come from?

3. Tolerance about others vs. Tolerance about oneself – Can we trace the social origin of our (in)tolerance about ourselves? Can you share your experience with regard to this issue?

4. Diversity & standardization, nature & nurture, and history & ontogenesis – How do ‘opposites’ hold human cognition and society together?

5. Interracial problems in the US, international conflicts around the world – Find some allusions to US and international politics and discuss their relevance to your local contexts.

6. And another acronym for ZPD! = Zootopia Police Department (not Zone of Proximal Development)

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