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Woke up to an autumn-summoning wind. I was silently hearing the long-awaited rain. Looked out the window. The rain was travelling from the sky to the rooftops, to a telephone pole, to the ground, and to the underground of my parched heart. Stretched my hands out in the air as if to confirm whether this was real. Raindrops hit the palm gently, calming the thirst and whispering to those weary, sleep-deprived souls, “it’s almost over.” This summer was brutally, incessantly hot. The only match, as far as I know, is the typical mid-summer Singaporean heatwave with a sauna-ish super-humidity. Oh, one more — the summer here in 1994, with no air conditioning whatsoever and no more than two fans in a crowded classroom. Now I feel like I can welcome a couple of counter-attacks of this die-hard heat. No more. ‘Cause I solemnly named this rain “an irrevocable mandate for autumn.”

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