A virtuous cycle in writing

A virtuous cycle in writing and securing a reflective/talking space

When we write, two things happen in tandem. Thoughts are expressed into writing; writing is ‘in-pressed’ into thoughts. This dialogic, mutually-enriching move of the two complementary processes creates a virtuous cycle in writing. Usually, the more proficient you become the more power of in-pression you can appreciate.

From a developmental perspective, the desire for expression dominates at early stages. As you develop as a writer, you become better at striking the balance between the in- and ex-pressive modes. (And if you are a competent, super-fluent writer, or hit a day of life when everything feels so smooth, the two modes are seamlessly meshed on a real-time basis!) Now you don’t just pour out your ideas and emotions, but ponder upon ‘the configurations of the black marks’ on paper, negotiate with them, and even let them talk to each other. In this sense, growing as a writer requires one to secure a reflective distance between one and the written, and also to create a talking distance among different parts of the written.

p.s. The attached image has nothing to do with this post; however, you can relate them if you will. :)

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