Teacher, teachers, and teaching

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016 in 강의노트, 수업자료, 영어 | No Comments

The national curriculum of Korea states that it promulgates “Hongik-Ingan” (“Live for the benefit of all people”) as its objective. However, social pressures or “the bigger curriculum” trumps this educational ideal. Korean society tends to penalize honest mistakes, and honors dishonest successes. All the rosy statements in the educational mandate are often degraded to mere empty verbalism. In this sense, society, not the national curriculum, is the ultimate teacher. However hard teachers may try, students better learn something bigger, implicit, and sometimes even malicious. It follows that teachers need to transform Teacher(yes, I am echoing Jim Gee’s Discourse/discourse distinction here) while teaching students. Without changing Teacher(society as the ultimate teacher), we cannot change teaching in a fundamental way.

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