What we need to consider when opening up a platform

Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in 단상, 링크, 수업자료 | No Comments
Radically opening up a platform (sounds cool, doesn’t it?) draws radically weird people (sounds not so cool… phew). Then should we close it down lest these ‘bad guys’ ruin the platform? It depends, I think. However, we can learn a valuable lesson from Wikipedia, where the system can track every change and turn any edit back whenever problems arise. Moreover, monitoring changes can inform its users of trending topics and hotly debated issues as well. Inviting anonymous people necessarily entails controversies and name-calling, which in turn requires us to think about how to deal with, and even take advantage of, the mess in a systemic yet democratic way. In this sense, opening up should go hand in hand with developing self-governance and self-reflexive systems.

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