Writing a lot vs. Writing defiantly

Up to a point, writing a lot matters. It really is important for building one’s writing muscle. When it comes to getting a project done, however, writing persistently is far more important than writing a lot. I call this ‘writing defiantly,’ where one rows strenuously against the current of highly stressful everyday events. This is a valuable lesson I learned from hitting the cul-de-sac in several of my writing projects, where I definitely poured out a lot of text but the manuscripts had nowhere to go other than in a dark, lachrymose corner of my hard disk drive. Some writers may be able to achieve what they want by producing lots of words in a flash, but writing on a regular basis, shine or rain, tormented or commended, matters much more to ordinary writers like me. So writing a lot is good; writing persistently is better. All the best for my friends grappling with those unruly yet lovely manuscripts.

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