Two frames about the evil forces

There are largely two frames about the evil forces: (1) They don’t know the facts. They are not able to put themselves in other people’s shoes. They are misinformed in every aspect. (2) They surely know how to ignore the facts. They are superbly able to “stick to their own shoes.” They have their own media, which exerts control across society.

The former construes the evil as “unable” and “misguided.” The latter as “able” and “self-generated.”

Yes, they are misinformed. But the more crucial is the fact that they can engineer and spread fake news as well as control media. They may hopelessly lack empathy, but the more dreading point is that they can generate the ‘alt-reality’ that soothes people’s indifference and intolerance, and even crowns hatred and violence.

The fight lies in how to decapacitate the evil, draining its financial, institutional, and psychological resources, not in how to explain their pathetic ignorance away.

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