Dr. Hall in Seoul

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Dr. Hall visited Seoul, South Korea and gave a plenary talk on the transdisciplinary framework for SLA in a multilingual world at the ALAK (Applied Linguistics Association of Korea) conference. Although I read the article by the Douglas Fir Group, the talk, with her articulate and persuasive voice and relevant examples, further challenged me to think deeper, act concrete, and become an agent of change as a teacher, however small it may be. It reminded me of those ‘good old days’: I fell instantly nostalgic for the vibrant, inspiring academic conversations on campus with so many bright minds.

A PSU reunion followed her talk. Our conversation flowed a long way, covering our then-to-now lives, international relations, US and Korean politics, her years as president of AAAL, the joy and sorrow of scholarly writing, and, of course, our dear memories in State College and beloved APLNG friends. Even though I took her language socialization class ten years ago, it felt like a blink of an eye. Time flies, we stay apart, but the karma is always there, interweaving us in a mysteriously wonderful way.

I got her autograph on her recent book, “Essentials of SLA for L2 Teachers.” I rarely ask authors to sign their books, but I felt I had to do this this time. It has already been ten years; I do not know when I can see her in person again. So I wished to cherish the shining moment for a long time.

Now it’s time to wrap up this week and prepare for this week’s classes. It was a great weekend. I feel a little bit more hopeful, even in the turmoils of this unfathomable world. Thank you Dr. Hall, and I hope you have a safe trip back.

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