English Posts

1. Writing in English is a sure way to drop readership. Many of my original FB friends, who communicate mainly in English, seem to have unfollowed me, who writes heavily in Korean. Most of my Korean friends prefer Korean posts since they can instantly judge whether it is worth reading them or not. This minimizes their emotional and cognitive burden in the myriad of stressful, often politically charged messages. In some sense, English posts function as a safe haven where only people who truly care about me would harbor. (Of course, it is possible that I have some ‘grammar Nazi’ fiends. Please curb your instinct to make the world a more correct place, at least for now.)

2. Between the bitter sense that most of my old friends have forgotten me and the assuring truth that all of us are forgotten, without exception, in the long run emerges the realization that I am one of those people who forget too easily about dear people and memories. Time flies, memories abandoned, trust and care decay, and we live ‘with or without you.’ It is sad but natural.

3. So the bottom line is that I deeply thank those who have read all through this bottom. You have spent a whole lot more energy reading this trivial post. Nothing compares to your valuable time.

4. I had planned to write a longer prose, only to find that I am too hungry to do that. Physiology before psychology; Calories before symbols. Have a restful morning/afternoon/evening/night. (Choose an appropriate word depending on your time zone.) Miss you!

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